About Me

Hi there!

I’m a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Comparative Ecology Lab at Macquarie University. I am also a member of the Research Centre For Applied Alpine Ecology. I use Bayesian methods and maths to examine interesting ecological questions.




My current research involves:

  1. Examining how plant traits influence patterns of mortality, growth and species coexistence.  (in collaboration with Prof Mark Westoby, Dr Daniel Falster & Dr Rich Fitzjohn)
  2. Examining how climate change and fire influence alpine vegetation dynamics (in collaboration with Dr Peter Vesk, Dr Dick Williams, Dr Henrik Wahren & Prof Ary Hoffmann)
  3. Examining how soil nutrients and precipitation interact to influence grassland production and composition (in collaboration with Dr John Morgan and NUTNET).

I’m always open to collaborations, if you are interested in any of the research posted here please contact me by email at james.camac@mq.edu.au or call me on +61-2-9850-9258